WTF does it really mean to “be yourself”?

Everyone agrees that you should be yourself. Just be yourself, they say. In all situations. but wtf does this actually mean?

Possible meanings:

  • Don’t try to be someone else or something else other than you are.
  • Live and act with no difference between the actual you and the you that you present to the world

How can we achieve this?

Tell people what you really think about everything – okay now this is really hard. If you’re a liberal and identify as such, having the odd racist, sexist, homophobic thought is going to be hard to articulate.

Wear what you want, read what you want, listen to what you want – don’t give a fuck about what you think others might think of you

Don’t try and be cool on social media – present warts and all

Rinse and repeat, everyday.

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