Crush your OCD with this one question

Last Thursday, I did my usual OCD lockdown routine when I left the office.

I checked that the windows were closed, the taps were off, the lights were off, and when I locked the door, I pushed it 30 times to make sure it was closed.

Jesus, that sounds crazy just writing that down.

As I walked down the street, I wrestled with OCD insistently asking me whether I truly locked.

I suddenly asked myself a question.

‘Do I trust myself?’

This literally stopped me where I stood.

Of course, my lockdown routine and insistent voice in my head would suggest that I didn’t trust myself.

But it’s almost impossible to say to yourself that you don’t trust yourself.

It’s like it’s incongruent with your sense of self.

I asked myself again: ‘Do I trust myself?’

Of course I trust myself!

Do I trust that I can competently lock a door? Yes!

Ask yourself again and out loud: ‘Do I trust myself?’


Then get on with your day. When the next episode┬ácomes up, ask yourself again: ‘Do I trust myself?’

Let me know in the comments below if this works for you.

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