My Christmas wishlist might just become YOUR Christmas wishlist

First up is:

1) A Linjer Watch – “The Minimalist” in Gunmetal/Navy

Until yesterday, I’d never heard of this brand. I saw an ad on my Facebook feed for The Hustle magazine and this awesome article: This Startup is Successfully Disrupting The $19 Billion Watch Industry

From the Hustle article by Sam Parr:

When it came to buying watches and leather goods, they were tired of choosing between disposable fast fashion and overpriced luxury products. They couldn’t find well-made, well-designed products at a fair price point – that didn’t sport an obnoxious logo.

Look at this beauty from the Linjer website:

This watch is by Linjer and the model is The Minimalist, Gunmetal/Navy

I love the idea behind this watch and the company that makes it.

I mean who doesn’t want to own a beautiful, minimal watch that doesn’t have a logo on it?

And that isn’t that expensive for a good watch? $249 isn’t that bad for a decent watch.

And look at those reviews! 154 five star reviews at the time of writing!

Check it out here and check out the Linjer site here.

2) SuitSupply 100% Cashmere Navy Overcoat – £499

It’s a bit pricey for my actual wishlist, so I might have to go down to the lower model – pure wool – instead (£299).

This came into my inbox from SuitSupply marketing this morning.

Check it out:

Pure cashmere navy overcoat by SuitSupply

Check it out on the SuitSupply website here and on the full site here.

3) Some new socks!

This may sound boring….but I’m 38 years old now and I genuinely want some new socks!

I don’t know about you but I lose socks all the time and they become worn out after 10-20 washes.

I’d like some socks that last a bit longer and, at the upper end, they’re quite expensive.

Compared to Uniqlo and H&M where you can get 3 pairs of socks for £10, at the upper end, they can be £20 per pair and above.

What do you get for this huge increase? I’m not sure but I want to find out.

So I’m going to start at New and Lingwood, makers of fine socks.

Here’s a photo of some of their socks:

From the New and Lingwood Pinterest board (

(I’m going to do a post soon on finding the perfect socks)

What’s on your Christmas wishlist? Let me know in the comments below!

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